Physics 8.422 Spring 2017


                             Atomic and optical Physics







Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle



Prof. Isaac Chuang




Sergio Cantu



Woo Chang Chung



Junru Li



Jules Stuart



Zackary Vandeiro



Joanna Keseberg





Lectures:     Mondays, Wednesdays (and some Fridays)

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1:00-2:30, Room 26-142

                        First day of classes: Wed, 2/8

Office hours:         Wolfgang Ketterle:  Wed 2:30-3:30 or by appointment (just send an e-mail ….)

                                    TAs:  announced on problem sets, and by appointment


Homework drop off:  In class, or in 26-237

Term papers due:  5/18


Main topics:

·  Quantum states and dynamics of photons

·  Photon-Atom interactions: basics and semiclassical approximations

·  Photon-Atom interactions: open system dynamics, optical Bloch equations

·  Applications and limits of the optical Bloch equations: dressed atoms, light force, decoherence

·  Cold atoms, quantum states, and quantum dynamics: quantum algorithms and protocols, ion traps,
    magnetic traps, evaporative cooling, Bose-Einstein condensation


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Module 1

Topic 1: Photons and Statistics

Class notes 2013:  Quantum states of light

clicker questions 2/15/2017


Book chapters:

Loudon, chapter 3; Weissbluth, 4.4-4.8

Further reading:

·         Yamamoto and Rempe group papers (example of single photon g(2)(tau) measurement)

·         Yamamoto paper on Generation of number states (see the nice quasi probability plots)

·         Kimble/Mandel 1977 paper: first antibunching of photons

·         Scully paper:  what is a photon, and why the photoelectric effect can be understood semi-classically

·         The Dual Nature of Light as Reflected in the Nobel Archives link



Topic 2: Non-classical light and squeezed states (2/21)

Class notes 2013:  Non-classical light


Book chapters:

Weissbluth, 4.9 .  Section on squeezed states

Further reading:

·         H.J. Kimble, Quantum fluctuations in quantum optics, in Les Houches 1990.  Extensive and advanced treatment of squeezed light.

·         R.W. Henry and S. C. Glotzer, A squeezed-state primer, Am. J. Phys. 56, 318 (1988).  Basic discussion using only elementary quantum mechanics.

·         M.C. Teich and B. E. A. Saleh Squeezed and AntiBunched Light, Physics Today, June 1990.   Popular article on non-classical light.

·         Generation of squeezed states, classical squeezing: F. DiFilippo et al, Classical Amplitude Squeezing for Precision Measurements. PRL, 68, 2859 (1992).

·         Teleportation:  Furusawa et al, Unconditional Quantum Teleportation. Science, 282, 706 (1998) .

·         Beam splitter and homodyne detection:  B.L. Schumaker, “Noise in homodyne detection”, Optics Letters 9, 189 (1984)

·         Experiments with squeezed light

o   Ling-An Wu, H.J. Kimble, J.L. Hall, H. Wu, “Generation of Squeezed States by Parametric Down Conversion”, PRL 57, 2520 (1986)

o   Min Xiao, Ling-An Wu, H.J. Kimble, “Precision Measurement beyond the Shot-Noise Limit”, PRL 59, 279 (1987)

o   E.S. Polzik, J. Carri, H.J. Kimble, “Spectroscopy with Squeezed Light”, PRL 68, 3020 (1992)


Topic 3: Single photons (2/22)

Class notes 2013:  Single photons

·         Phase gates with single photons:  Physics Viewpoint   Rempe group 1    Rempe group 2    Vuletic group

·         Quantum logic with photons:  Review paper

·         Quantum amplifier      Caves    Stenholm     Wiseman


Topic 4: Entangled photons


Topic 5: Interferometry and metrology


Topic 6: g(2) for light and atoms