ICAP 2002 & AMO Summer School

ICAP 2002

Eighteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics

July 28 to August 2, 2002

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Website: http://cua.mit.edu/icap2002/

Proceedings are now available here.

Poster abstracts are now available here.

Post deadline abstracts are available here,
and will be presented in the Poster Session III on Thursday.

All sessions and registration take place at the Kresge Auditorium (W16) at MIT. Poster sessions will take place at the nearby Student Center (W20). You can access a map with ICAP locations (printout will be distributed at registration), an interactive map of the MIT campus , and directions to MIT.

The next biannual International Conference on Atomic Physics will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, starting Sunday evening, July 28, 2002 and ending on Friday afternoon, August 2, 2002. The conference co-chairs are Dave Pritchard (e-mail), Wolfgang Ketterle (e-mail), and Rick Heller (e-mail).  The conference is sponsored by the Center for Ultracold Atoms at MIT and Harvard.

The meeting will feature invited talks and posters on the latest developments in Atomic Physics.  Topics include atomic tests of fundamental theories, laser spectroscopy, laser cooling and trapping, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum optics and coherence, atom optics, precision measurements, atomic clocks, atoms in intense laser fields, quantum control, quantum information, atomic structure and atomic collisions. 


July 21 to July 26, 2002

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Website: http://cua.mit.edu/icap2002/

A summer school will be held at MIT the week preceding the ICAP 2002 conference, July 21 to July 26, 2002.  Its director is Dan Kleppner (e-mail).  It will be sponsored by the Center for Ultracold Atoms at MIT and Harvard.

Lectures at the summer school will be at the level of the MIT graduate course in Atomic and Optical Physics.  They will cover foundational topics such as atoms in electromagnetic fields,forces on atoms, resonance, spectroscopy, coherence, and collisions.  The target audience is graduate students or postdocs starting research in atomic physics.

The two-week long combination of a foundational school plus lectures on the current frontiers of the field will provide students and others beginning research in atomic physics an unsurpassed introduction to AMO physics. See the preliminary syllabus..

Student dormitories will be available to reduce the cost of housing in Cambridge-Boston for both conference and school.


Reserve the appropriate dates on your calendar!

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We welcome satellite meetings either before or after ICAP 2002 and will help publicize such meetings.  Please contact one of the co-chairs with suggestions (ketterle@mit.edu, heller@physics.harvard.edu, dpritch@mit.edu).

ICAP 2002

e-mail contact: cacosta@mit.edu

web site: http://cua.mit.edu/icap2002/