Popular Papers


These papers give an introduction into the field for non-specialists:

Commentary on the Quantum Hall Effect
W. Ketterle:
Inside the quantum Hall effect.
Nature Physics 11 , 90 (2015).

Encyclopedic Definition of Bose-Einstein Condensation
W. Ketterle:
Bose-Einstein condensation.
in: Discoveries in Modern Science: Exploration, Invention, Technology. Ed. James Trefil. Vol. 1. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA, 2015, pp. 99-102.

Popular update on Fermi gases
W. Ketterle and Y. Shin:
Fermi gases go with the superfluid flow
Physics World, June 2007, pp. 39-43.

About ultralow temperatures
W. Ketterle:
How are temperatures close to absolute zero achieved and measured?
Scientific American.com, Ask the Experts, January 19, 2004.
Scientific American, May 2004, p. 120.

Talk on quantum statistics and BEC
Wolfgang Ketterle:
Bose-Einstein Condensation: Identity Crisis for Indistinguishable Particles.
in "Quantum Mechanics at the Crossroads", eds. James Evans and Alan S. Thorndike, Springer, Berlin , 2006), pp. 159-183.


Nobel Lecture
W. Ketterle:
When atoms behave as waves:  Bose-Einstein condensation and the atom laser.
in: Les Prix Nobel 2001 (The Nobel Foundation, Stockholm, 2002), pp. 118
reprinted in: ChemPhysChem 3, 736-753 (2002).
Rev. Mod. Phys. 74, 1131-1151 (2002).

Nature Insight Review
J.R. Anglin and W. Ketterle:
Bose-Einstein condensation of atomic gases.
Nature 416, 211-218 (2002).
Paper (pdf, 1.6 MB)

Popular summary on atom amplification and vortex generation in Bose-Einstein condensates
W. Ketterle
The Magic of Matter Waves
physics@MIT, Departmental Newsletter 2001
Paper (pdf, 285 kB)

Illustrated introduction and early experiments
D.S. Durfee and W. Ketterle:
Experimental studies of Bose-Einstein condensation.
Optics Express 2, 299-313 (1998).
Paper (pdf, 1023 kB)

Feature paper in Physics Today
W. Ketterle:
Experimental studies of Bose-Einstein condensation.
Physics Today, December 1999, pp. 30-35.
Preprint (pdf, 867kB)

"Encyclopedic definition" of Bose-Einstein condensation

W. Ketterle:
Bose-Einstein condensation.
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology, 9th Edition, in print.
Preprint (pdf, 594 kB)see also Introdution to BEC

"Encyclopedic definition" of the atom laser

W. Ketterle:
Atom laser.
McGraw-Hill 1999 Yearbook of Science & Technology (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1998), pp. 43-46.
Preprint (pdf, 258 kB)see also The MIT Atom Laser

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