People: Ian Counts

Graduate Student
  1. J. Hur, D. Craik, E. Knyazev, I. Counts, A. Kawasaki, V. Vuletic, L. Caldwell, C. Leung, S. Pandey, J.C. Berengut, A. Geddes, W. Nazarewicz, P.-G. Reinhard, H. Jeon, and W. Jhe. Evidence of Two-Source King Plot Nonlinearity in Spectroscopic Search for New Boson. Phys. Rev. Lett., 128(163201), 2022.
  2. I. Counts, J. Hur, D. Craik, V. Vuletic, H. Jeon, C. Leung, J. Berengut, A. Geddes, A. Kawasaki, and W. Jhe. Evidence for Nonlinear Isotope Shift in Yb+ Search for New Boson. Phys. Rev. Lett., 125(123002), 2020.
  3. I. Counts Surface Friction and Spectroscopic Probes of New Physics with Trapped Ions. MIT, 2020.
  4. I. Counts, D. Gangloff, A. Bylinskii, J. Hur, K. Islam, V. Vuletic, Multislip Friction with a Single Ion. Phys. Rev. Lett. , 119(043601), July 2017.
  5. A. Bylinskii, D. Gangloff, I. Counts, V. Vuletic, Observation of Aubry-type transition in finite atom chains via friction. Nature Materials, 15, March 2016.
Fri December 4, 2020

Researchers observe what could be the first hints of dark bosons

Extremely light and weakly interacting particles may play a crucial role in cosmology and in the ongoing search for dark matter. Unfortunately, however, these particles have so far proved very difficult to detect using existing high-energy colliders. Researchers worldwide have thus been trying to develop alternative technologies and methods that could enable the detection of...
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